Hey I’m Kevin

Welcome to ‘The Shepherds Home’. I was an actual shepherd for a month hence the name… Weird I know!
I recently bought a carpet cleaner after reading a few reviews over at The Clean Carpet Guru’s website. Probably one of the best investments I’ve made to this day!

When I was a shepherd for a month (more on what I did as a shepherd in later posts… epic stuff I promise) I remember my carpets always being dirty! I tried hiring a team – didn’t work!

A few months later I ordered a carpet cleaner to deep clean the carpet myself. I can happily say that all the mud stains have now left my abode. There is hope. In March 2003, I allowed 20 people to have a party in the countryside in my house on my clean carpet. I counted More than 20 stains after that party. When my friends left I got the carpet cleaner out; low and behold – fresh clean carpet!

I suggest taking a look.